Day 1

Today is the beginning of what will be my 365 day goal towards debt free-living. GO TEAM ME! I’ve never wanted something so much. Well except for that time, I had to have those shoes or that bathing suit I couldn’t live without, but that was a different EVIL kind of want. That feeling that my world would stop rotating if I didn’t get whatever it was my mind had decided was going to complete my life in that moment. There was one problem with that, it never did complete my life but instead left a massive hole of debt in its wake. It was a temporary high that was brought about by a false euphoria. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish I had learned this lesson sooner in life. Maybe I wouldn’t be in this position, but I am, and I now have to deal with the hand that I’ve been dealt. The worst part is I can’t even blame the dealer because it was me all along.

This will be my personal quest to discover not only myself but what it is that makes me truly, undeniably, without a negative consequence, happy. NO more temporary happiness, NO more lying to myself, NO more living outside my means. It’s a scary thought. It’s a world I’ve never explored because I’ve never had the nerve to deny myself. Well SELF, that’s all about to change! I’ve got an outline, some ideas, and a plan but I’m hoping to pick up a few pointers along the way.

I know this won’t be easy, in fact I know it’s going to be really hard. I do know it has to be done though and the ME that I’ve wanted to be for so long, the one that’s standing at the finish line, can’t wait till I get there.

Stay Beautiful,


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