Game Night!

My first free idea! This isn’t entirely my own idea but I’m staking claim to it and will be charging for any future ideas going forward. You think I’m joking? Now, where were we, GAME NIGHT! One of my dearest friends has been asking me for some time now to play Clue with her. Well she’s getting her wish and she’s going to regret because what she doesn’t know is I’m part CSI extraordinaire, part awesome. Basically, she’ll never win again. 🙂 In lieu of our costing cutting measures grab some of your friends, take over someone’s house, and break out the old school board games!

 It’s cheap, it’s fun, and you get to spend some quality time getting to know your friends even better. It might be a sign of growing older but I’m starting to prefer the quiet cozy environments over the fist pumping, Katy Perry blasting in your ears, drinks spilling all over you kind of atmosphere. Not that this wasnt  the preferred at one point in my life. If that visual didn’t persuade you enough just look at everything you’ll be gaining, bragging rights because winning is in our blood. The doctor recommended amount of sleep, since you won’t be staying up till the birds start singing, and making memories with friends that can never be replaced.  The latter being the most important because I wouldn’t trade mine for the world. A friend with great advice sent me this quote by Suze Orman, “Live below your means, but within your needs”, and I need my friends. So enjoy your games y’all and may everyone come out a champion!

Friends = Happiness


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellepbee
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 12:39:34

    haha! Saturday I was going through my old board games, I was totally thinking about game night! such a good idea! esp. because I found “Girl Talk” lmao!


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