A moment in the life….

7:30        Log into computer, damn what’s my password again?

7:31        hmmm coffee

7:35        Log into Pandora, wtf  are you playing Pandora?!?

7:40        Read emails

                Answer emails

                Quick SOMEONE look I’m working!! I definitely deserve a


7:52        Scatter random papers on my desk to make it look like I’m
            extra busy today

            Make huffing sound like I’m soooo annoyed with having to

8:00       Whelp, that was fun, now what? Time to surf the WWW

            Yahoo, catch up on what happened while I was sleeping, read
            a bazillion articles

            TMZ, look god I’m not famous I’d be on this shit hourly

            Bathroom Break

            Facebook, creep my peeps, holler! Do I have a clever status
            for today? Nope

            What up Pinterest! PIN EVERYTHING

            I should probably start working on my blog post,
            hmmmm what should we talk about today

            It has got to be at least 9:30 by now……..8:19!!!!

8:20        afkjd;ahiodvhyu; qwjbngtrj ::sound your keyboard makes
            when you hands come crashing down::

8:21        I’m never going to make it to lunch, wow im hungry

 I wish I could say this was written for giggles but it wasnt, this actually happens, everyday.  I’m sorry for there being nothing of value here or anything even remotely related to the topic at hand. Just in case you were thinking it, this has nothing to do with the fact that my mind was shooting blanks about a topic for today.  Also I wanted you to catch a glimpse inside my mind on the off-chance you thought I might be an evil genius. TA DAH!

Update: I just found this and its unbelievably perfect

Stay Classy?


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