Just got paid, Friday night

Actually, I didn’t just get paid but it is still Friday! Woo! Woo! Tonight is one of my girlfriend’s birthday party and we’re doing what any normal 25-year-old would do for their birthday, LASER TAG!! I actually can’t wait, it’s so different from our usual just get wasted off our ass routine. Slight problem, I don’t get to go shopping. :: sad face:: This would be classified as one of those times when the urge arises that I need to go out and buy the latest and greatest. I’ve already lost half a nights sleep going over all my clothes in my head to see which would be up to par for this event. The answer predictably was none but I’ve got to change that. So chances are, I will be trying on clothes from the moment I get home till the moment I’m walking out the door, and I still won’t be happy with my decision. I just hope there are no pictures being taken because I might faint. Wish me the best of luck or half of your Xanax because I’m going to need it.  Today’s title was taken directly from the lyrics of NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid’, SOPA stay away from me. You can find the song below if you want to you relive some childhood memories.  I’m not ashamed to say this song pops into my head almost every Friday and it’s basically game over should it happen to be a Friday that I’ve actually gotten paid.



P.S. I would love some suggestions for a clever laser tag name. I don’t perform well under pressure and I usually end up with Diane101 or if I’m feeling crazy DiDi101, first world problem. Help!

NSYNC-just got paid (lyrics) – YouTube.

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