I Survived

I MADE IT! I bet you all thought I didn’t survive my night cause this post is rather late, didn’t you?  Despite my own apprehension, I didn’t vomit or pass out. Yay for small victories. It was a great night, full of laughs and special moments. My total spending for my Friday night was $21! I haven’t spent $21 on a Friday night in forever! If were being honest, probably not since high school but even than I probably spent more. It is truly a great feeling knowing that  you can have a special night out without putting yourself further into debt. This must be how normal people live, eh, they might be on to something here. Now its Saturday and most of you crazy kids are preparing for a debt-fabulous night out.  For those of you in a similar situations to me, remember you are in debt and don’t harm yourself by giving into temptations. Be strong and try to remind yourself that you are working to create a better future. I will be preparing, mentally and physically, to attack my room that has recently transformed  into a jungle. Anyone have machete handy? I wish I was joking but I saw an elephant in there earlier, photo proof below. 🙂

Keepin’ it Cheap


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