Pay Day

In my future life I predict this would be a joyous day but in my present life it’s more of a game, how fast can I drain my funds from my checking account. My personal record is 9 minutes. Sometimes I forget passwords and that slows my time down but I can’t be perfect all the time. I’m thinking of creating a record board that will hold the quickest times for fund draining, I’ve sort of got mine down to an art form.  I work for a company where I get paid on the 15th and the final day of the month.  My dad made me aware that most company’s pay their employees every two weeks resulting in 26 paychecks a year. Whereas, I receive 24 paychecks! What the shit?!? I immediately screamed “Who do I call to sue? That’s horseshit!” He shook his head, as he often does when I wow him with my intelligence, and he said “Will you relax, you get paid more money per paycheck then the people who get paid every two weeks.”  I nodded and said “ooohhh well duh, that makes sense.”  Kind of, but I’m just going to go along with it because there weren’t too many Google results for paycheck outrage. So whether you’re barely scraping by with a measly 24 checks a year or living the good life with 26, remember to budget wisely and always put money into savings!  

24 is the new 26



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