Love is in the Air

Ah, February, that time of year when your brain gets infiltrated by the sights of hearts, candy, and all things associated with love. I can’t pretend I’m not a sucker for this kind of stuff. In the past I have always spoiled my beloved to no end. Money was no object.  I would spend 3 months pay if it meant I had the perfect gift to display how much I loved him. Twisted, right? Once again this notion has been developed that you must spend money to show the object of your affection that you truly care. “Look how much I love him I bought him a watch that could cover the cost of a new car.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone is like this, because there are those Martha Stewart type people out there. The individuals who are clever enough to create practical loving items from nothing for the cost of nothing and that exhibit just as much affection as my million dollar gift. This year I will be becoming one of these artistic, gifts from the heart, type of person. I’m sorry John.  For the next two weeks or so I will be providing you with gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Note none of these will be original ideas. They’ll probably all be derived from the lovely website known as Pinterest but I’m tech savvy enough with my copy and paste method to show them all here. Also, please feel free to share your ideas because no idea is a bad idea when it comes from the heart. Aw, see love is in the air.

I’m feeling the love ♥


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