Two for the Price of One

I’m running in slow mo this morning, as I do on most Mondays, but even more so today because I’m starting a new diet and am not allowed to have coffee. Well I’m allowed to have coffee but it can only be black, and considering my coffee was sweet enough to be classified as candy this won’t work. Booooo! I didn’t post yesterday, again, so now you can add liar to the list of faults.To beg for your forgiveness I’m going to be posting TWO ideas. Yay!

This first one I am a little skeptical of because I’ve seen printers become shredders when using normal paper so I can’t believe it handles tissue paper very well. The creator said it worked and she wasn’t a believer either so I’m going to pretend like it’ll all be okay. Do not send me angry letters when you break your printer because I will not reimburse you. If this works it seems like a stellar idea! You could use it for any gift idea actually, birthday, anniversary, etc.  This would be a super inexpensive way to show your adoration. If I were to create this I would probably make a collage rather than one large picture and maybe add some words but that’s just me choosing to be different.  


I probably shouldn’t classify this next idea as a gift because there’s nothing really to it but I found the link so I’m going to use it. If you’re special someone is a word guru then you are going to love this. Create your own crossword puzzle! Actually any puzzle, they have a list, but still A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  Obviously this would not be a whole gift in itself but I think it can be a really cute addition!


My shirt is most definitely on backwards this morning


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