Calling on Your Inner Top Chef

Time to fire up those ovens ladies and gents! This may not be the cheapest idea but it could definitely be the most fun. Who doesn’t love baking?!? In the past, I would suddenly get these impulses to cook, coincidentally after watching hours of Food Network. It generally did not turn out because like so many areas in my life I do not follow directions very well.  I would feel like one of these chefs on the Food Network and that should really be all that counts but  it doesn’t. I guess people are actually supposed to be able to eat the food after you’ve created it, hogwash. Seriously though, bake something for your significant other. It shows that you care enough to pay attention to his/her likes and also that you feel they’re worth the time to make something delicious. For instance, mine loves peanut butter. If I had a bakers bone in my body I would make him something with peanut butter. Unfortunately I don’t, so he’s stuck with miniature Reese cups. You could also score mega points for being able to cook, that’s marriage material right there!  There isn’t one image that sums up all the recipes you could possibly use so I’ll give you an example of what my kitchen looks like when I’m done making magic…..

Baking is so fun, until the oven blows up

Measure twice, bake once

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  1. Ashley
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 10:48:09

    D, I love this post. The ‘brown baggers’ save an average of $3,000 a year by bringing luck to work. If you make a large salad on Sunday night, you will have that for lunch at least until Wednesday.

    Great Post!

    Love you!


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