Loving Words

I stumbled upon this while I was very busy at work and I wish I had found it sooner, like before I put my blood, sweat, and tears into my project.  Still, this is so artistic and different that I’d be selfish not to share it. It’s a word cloud! You enter a bunch of word and it creates this image for you. Whether it’s describing your special someone or lyrics from a favorite song or maybe there’s a monologue that has special meaning. It really could be anything!  You are the controller here. You can change the font, the colors, and the layout. I think this could become a very meaningful gift and its frreeeee! We love free here! So have some fun get original and make a gift to be cherished.

Man, I sound pretty cool when you put it like that!
 Happy Hump Day!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ellepbee
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 14:17:04

    this is pretty legit! I like it!!


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