Free is Better

Warning: This is going to be sappy and mushy, if you’re not into that kind of stuff I’d advise to leave now.  I hope everyone used the weekend to create loving wonderful CHEAP gifts and didn’t spend a heap load of dough on a gift. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and as I promised I would be providing a gift idea every day leading up to Valentine’s Day, I mostly kept to my word. With one day left, I put a lot of thought into what today’s idea should be. It had to be something simple yet meaningful. My conclusion is love. Give Love. Life is far too unpredictable and doesn’t always have our best interest in mind. This life will run its course whether we try to control it or not.  So love what you’ve got now.  Don’t lose sight of what is important by getting caught up in the materialistic makings of a “perfect” life. What am I asking? Take the time to show those who are important to you how much they really mean. Kiss for a few seconds longer, hug a little tighter, hold hands, look into their eyes, listen when they speak, help out, cuddle, laugh even when the jokes not funny, give compliments, say thank you, and most importantly love unconditionally.  All of these things are free but can mean the world. Simplicity is beautiful and underrated.  Step outside of your comfort zone, break your “routine”, and stop just going through the motions. Life will always be there, love may not. Cherish the moment and live in the now because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.


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