Saint Valentine’s Day

It’s here! Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all! If you happen to find yourself single on this day then why not be your own valentine, there’s nothing wrong with some personal TLC.  I hope everyone has at least one person in their life that can make them feel loved on this day. Since most people believe this to be a “hallmark holiday” I thought it fitting to give a little background on Valentine’s Day. The actually name is believed to be derived from a saint by the name of Valentine. There are several different stories of how his name became associated with the month of romance. One is that he continued to perform marriage ceremonies even after an Emperor had outlawed it. The emperor alleged that single men were better warriors then ones with wives and children. Another was that Valentine himself sent the first valentine after being imprisoned and falling in love with his jailor’s daughter. He wrote a letter and signed it, “From your Valentine”.  You can get the whole article HERE. Whichever story you may believe it’s easy to see this day has been around since before Hallmark was created in 1910. So put that in your pipe and smoke it! Not saying that Hallmark hasn’t benefited immensely but if you read THIS you’ll see this day has had special meanings throughout history. With all that being said I’ll leave you to enjoy your day, may each of you be showered with so much love that you have little choice but to share it with others. 

Hey, it happens

Love you all!


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