Those Teeny Tiny Steps

Back to the task at hand! Previously I made reference to some in between teeny tiny steps that are involved when trying to get out of debt. Below you will find some obvious and some not so obvious steps you could take to help ensure you’re always making progress.

  • Pay Cash – If not for everything, most things. This is something I’ve heard over and over again growing up and it never dawned on me until now sadly. Once the cash is gone, the spending is done.
  • Set Goals or a Goal – This is probably the most important because this will be your motivation. When all seems hopeless you need just to remind yourself of the goal you’ve set on the horizon. Whether they be small monthly goals, or big year-long goals, just make them.
  • Get Rid of Temptation – You know those robo emails we all get from any company you’ve ever given your email address to? The ones trying to seduce you into shopping online or going into their store for their one of kind sale? Yea, well take the time to unsubscribe from them. This will help eliminate that temptation of “Oh, I’m just looking”. $75 later, it turns out it wasn’t just a look.  I don’t care how great the sale is, the only real deal is not spending the money to begin with.
  • Credit Cards – Since we’ve already given them up, we no longer have the capability to spend.  Now, we have to get the balance to zero. Pay off the smaller amounts first. DO NOT neglect your payments on other cards to get the smaller amounts paid off faster. Once you get the lower balances out of the way, you then can use that money to contribute more towards the big boys.
  • No Excuses – Stop indulging in just about everything. Your, “Its Friday I can treat myself to lunch”, or dinners, or whatever, cannot be your rationalization anymore. This may work for people not in debt but for someone who lives pay check to check ::cough, cough, myself::  this isn’t going to help the situation.
  • Monopoly Money – We are no longer playing with fake money. This is real life and we have to get real about it or were going to end up with the dreaded “do not pass go, do not collect $200” card. Get serious and stop pretending you are going to land on the community chest and receive savior. The only savior here is you.

Im rich bitch! Not really, unless you have Boardwalk and Park Place.

I hope everyone is gettin’ their leap on!


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