When Your Mind Cant Sleep…

You are so tired that all you can think about is your bed, and how amazing your pillows are going to feel, and how nice it is going to be to get a full night’s rest. You’re going to wake up feeling refreshed and carpe diem. You get up to bed and rest your head on your pillows and its reaffirming everything you believed. Then, blink, blink, blink. Eyes shoot open. You remember you forgot to respond to a text. Okay now you’ve responded and don’t look like a bad person. Ahh where were we, head hitting the pillow, O for f$#^s sake, now you’ve gotta pee. Go blind yourself with the bathroom lights, that you’re pretty sure were never that f#*&ing bright EVER before! Zombie mode it back to bed and BAM! The entire day decides it wants to play itself back like you signed up for the 9:30 showing of your wonderful life. The battle with the blankets ensues, over analyzing begins, you’re second guessing every word ever uttered and damn, now you’re hungry. Healthy late night snack never hurt anyone. You turn on the TV, because no one likes to eat in the dark. Good thing for you, the networks have intelligently decided a marathon of Spartacus is great to start at 11pm. Before you know it its going on 3am and  you’re not even caught up to season two! But, the better part of you thinks it’s about time to get to sleep. Sleep timer the tv, get all comfy cozy, start believing you might actually be falling asleep. Nope, your brain has other ideas. It’s time to start deciding what colors you would paint your imaginary living room, to match your imaginary couch, that you might one day have, in your imaginary house.  Why not start naming the kids while we’re at it…..

"99, 98, 97, 96, not working, 95, 94, let's try sheep"

Please tell me this happens to other people, I know I’m a little bit screwy but I can’t be the only one right? Right? RIGHT!? I hope everyone had a cheap enjoyable weekend and collected more sleep than some others. Sorry for the profanity but I wanted to realistically portray the raw emotions associated with the evening.

And the Worst Day of the Week Award goes to……. MONDAY :: slow applause::


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