When I Work

Apologies for this being so late in the day but my job apparently wanted to make sure I was earning my dollars for the day. Like what the hell job, I’ve got a blog to run! Now, because of that I’m not in blog mode and can’t think of a damn thing of interest to write about.  I also might still be in shock from yesterdays post. SEE WERE ALL SUFFERING HERE! No one can really be mad at me for this. We all can see who’s really to blame here. I’m looking at you job! If there’s anyone out there who’s interested in paying me $100,000/monthly to blog daily, I’m in, just let me know where to send my resume.  In the mean time I hope I can fill the void with this video* of possibly my new favorite animal ever, pygmy goats! I want 30 of them running around wreaking havoc on society with their cute little jittery selves! Go on, get down with your bad selves!

I literally crack up every time I watch this, EVERY TIME


*YouTube doesn’t like me, so you have to go to their site to watch it, but do it, you will not be disappointed.

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