St. Patrick’s Day

Okay here are the facts. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. In the past I’ve been known to go a lotta bit overboard with this holiday. I spend way too much on everything, my outfit, my accessories, and drinking.  As with all things, this holiday was much easier when we were younger. You’d buy your pint, split it between your friends, and sneak it down to the parade in your Gatorade bottles. Now, since we’re all mature adults, that’s all changed. We must put our awesome show of Irish pride on display for all to see. Well, at least for the people who happen to be in the bar when you decide to come waltzing in. Correct me if I’m wrong, but almost always by the time you’ve reached the bar someone should be putting you into a cab to go back home.  We’re silly leprechauns though, we don’t want to do that. We want to order so many shots that they have to open a new bottle of Jameson, twice.. Irish car bombs are the equivalent to food, so why not order 10 for you and your new bar mates, you guys are hungry. About now, it’s probably 3pm and your posse has decided it’s time to make it rain at another bar. You close your $150 tab and act grateful that it wasnt more. Lather, rinse and repeat. That got a little personal didn’t it? You had a tiny glimpse into the old me.  I’m a rare breed, I know that. I know most normal people can celebrate this holiday without thinking they’re St. Patrick himself. I get that. In honor of those normal people I’m going to try to be one of you this year. This should be fun, being a responsible adult, well kind of. If you’d like to follow along with tomorrow’s adventure I will be tweeting all my activities, @SunnyD10121, and feel free to keep me in line.

Who doesnt dye a river green? And I thought I went overboard..



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