Saints and Sinners

I have to tread lightly here. Religion and politics, two things I am neither well educated nor extremely opinionated on, but I do have some beliefs. I will try to keep them to a minimal because I don’t need to be upsetting the few followers I have. I am not, nor have I ever been, a religious person. I have my reasons, as do people who are religious. It’s a classic point of conflict. Wars have been raged regarding religion. The battle has been around for centuries, it’s nothing new. Believers vs. non believers, I’m right, your wrong, that god can’t exist because ours is the one and only, you name it’s been fought over. My belief, no one is ever right.  One group should not press their beliefs onto another group, simple as that. Just like blogging everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s how it should be. Why this little detour into the land of subjects-not-meant-for-table-talk? Well because it’s Easter y’all! I love Easter and for all the wrong reasons and I don’t care who knows! I’m going to Hell, if you believe in that kind of thing, in a shiny new Ferrari and picking up passengers along the way.

Sorry about that, back to the point. I love Easter. I love the colors. I love the season it falls under. I love bunnies. I love candy. I love coloring eggs. I love making baskets. I just really love Easter.  Whether or not, you believe in “the reason for the season”, I think it should still be enjoyed.   Spread the hippity hop and get your egg hunting on. As with all things, I spoil my little bunnies who receive baskets from me. If I can brag a moment, I think I make great baskets. I always have one bomb-ass gift, aka at least $100, then a bunch of other little trinkets customized to the individual receiving it. Spending, in total, somewhere around $150. Nothing says Easter quite like spending large amounts of money, right? I will still be making baskets this year but they probably won’t posses all the gloriousness they have in the past. Sorry Bunnies.  Like always, to each his own.

If you have children and have never read this book, please purchase it. If you dont have children please purchase it anyways.

Let my people go!

Yes, even we heathens watch the Ten Commandments. It’s a great movie!


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  1. Mom
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 10:12:40

    The Funny Bunny’s could not believe it. They had never seen such a very bad bunny!


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