I Didnt Even Have a Speech Ready

Once again, I had a completely different agenda for today’s post when I sat down at my desk. It was supposed to be about my battle with my shower but then this MAGICAL thing happened. I received a shout out from Captain Sweatpants! This wasn’t just your typical WordPress Pingback , which I so appreciate always, this was a shout out from someone who got freshly pressed! HOLY SHITBALLS y’all. This is WordPress’s ultimate trophy. It’s the Oscars of blogging. It’s the crème de la crème man! I happened upon Captain’s blog a couple of weeks ago and choose to follow him because I liked what he had to say and he made me laugh. So my mere followers what am I asking of you? Take the time to go to his page and check out his work. Follow him, like him, and if you choose no other reason to go, go for the fact that he might be James Bond.  Plus I’m his newly crowned whoring wingblog and what are wingblogs for.

Okay back to me! For those of you finding your way to my little place on the WWW, thanks to Captain’s gracious shout out, WELCOME. My name is Diane but I go by D. I’m a 2osomething year old trying to figure out life while getting out of debt. I have piss poor grammar and make jokes that only I get. I started this site in hopes of helping others like me and also maybe gaining some pointers. I fear it’s been all about the latter so far.  Since I’ll probably only have your attention span for 30 more seconds, please use the helpful links below to get to know me better. Follow me here, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, but most importantly go back and thank Captain for being selfless on rise to stardom.

Getting to Know Me

A Day in My Life

The Deeper Sensible Side of Me

Why I Cry at Night

If I had a Unicorn

Grammar Nazis

The Post I Never Should have Written



a HUGE thank you again to Captain for letting me ride on your coat-tail. Thanks for stopping by. I have to go be semi productive at work now.


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