20something Year Old

This internet machine is really fan-f*%#ing-tastic. Autocorrect is trying to tell me that’s not a word, the hell it’s not. I love the internet, and not just for the fact that it helps me get through the work week, every week. The explorer in me loves the journeys I get to take without leaving my office chair. Every time I find a new blog I get a little glimpse into someone’s life. That little piece of them, they are so courageous to share.  One of the bloggers I follow is The Trouble with Association, Shayla. You can read her blog here. A couple of days back I read one her posts, and it moved me, as well as inspired me. Well, she has done it again. She’s a beautiful writer and puts so much meaning and thought into her words it puts me to shame. She wrote THIS and what kind of follower would I be if I didn’t share my 20something outlook.

I, too, am guilty of hating on my 20’s. I’m not going to put this half as well as Shayla or the original creator but you’re going to get the picture. I personally had a really hard time turning 25 and that’s why I’m still 24. It meant I was growing up. It meant the time for my adolescent foolishness was over but it’s not. This is the perfect time to make mistakes and learn from them. This is when we grow and discover ourselves. We learn who we are and what we want, or don’t want. I can’t say for certain this will be the time I want back most in my life, because hell, I’ve only seen 25 years of it. I’ll be damned though, if I going to lie down, and let time run its course. Live your life, find who you are, and don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.  There is so much this world has to offer, that this isn’t the time to rush into adulthood. We’ve got a good portion of the reminder of our lives for that. This is our time.

My, not so rhyming, poem to being 20something

I’m in debt, not jail.

I may have thought you had gotten the best of me but you haven’t.

I’m in no rush to grow up but I’m also not afraid of what life has to offer.

I will make mistakes from time to time and probably the same mistake more than once.

 I might’ve spent too much money in the past but I now know money cannot buy you happiness.

 With a lot of perseverance, and some much needed patience, I will get to where I want to be.

 I have hurt the people I love, and I’ve been hurt as well, but it has made me stronger.

I can’t pretend to know what the future holds, but I will try my hardest to prepared.

I’ve got the character needed to get back up when I’ve been knocked down.

I will continue to strive to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.

I will not always do the right thing but I’m learning.

I promise to give myself wholeheartedly to this life.

I’m a 20something year old and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Please take the time to read Shayla’s post as well as the original inspiration because both are great.

25 is the new 25



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