There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

This is good news for the hard workers of the world and bad news for the people like me.  Have I ever mentioned before how lazy I am? I’ve always wanted to be one of those go getter, fire starters, seek and achieve type person but I’m not. I admire the people out there who are. How do you become a hard worker? I mean besides the obvious of working hard, or is that the answer? I have friends that are extremely hard working, why can’t they rub off on me? As I sit here and write this I’m seriously struggling to recall an instance in my life where I really wanted something and got it through hard work. ::cricket noises::   My lackadaisical attitude can be seen in every facet of my life, work, my relationships, and school, when I was going.  Right now there are two things I want so bad that they bring me to tears whenever I’ve had too much to drink and decide to tell my story to any listening ear.  I want to be out of debt, and move to Hawaii. I don’t think I’ve mentioned those before. 😉 I think I’m working hard to achieve them. Am I working hard enough? Maybe, but probably not, because you can always work harder. Excuses and procrastination are in my blood like drive and dedication is for the worker bees of  the world. I want some of what they’re having!  How do I get to become one of these hard workers? Is it too late? Does the old saying of not being able to teach an old dog new tricks apply here?  Who’s to say I’d even become a hard worker after I’d been “taught.”  I want the easy button to life, but then I don’t. It’s a vicious cycle. Wanting something yet not wanting to work for it, who does that? Oh wait, I know, lazy people.

10 points for using lackadaisical


P.S. I do work hard, sometimes, but to get any where in this life it seems you have to want to work hard all the time, which I dont.


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