Guest Post with the Most

It is with great honor that I get to introduce my guest blogger for today’s post, my mother! ::Standing ovation:: I was feeling funky and didn’t want to force a post. My mommy stepped up to the plate and did an awesome job, plus she’s talking about me so that’s always cool. 😉 Enjoy!

Are guest writers allowed on blogs? I didn’t think so but here I am, so now we know it is indeed possible.

I am D’s mom. It’s so funny to me that she has this blog. I have always enjoyed writing. Friends and family have told me I should write a book or at the very least, a blog. Never. Not me. To put my words out there for everyone to read and judge. Yeesch. Not my style. Yet here I am. Why? I am not sure. Instead of another IOU perhaps?

Today’s topic will be “Playing In Dirt.” A term I use to describe gardening. Specifically, flower gardens. In our family, from my mother’s side, it runs deep. Diane’s great grandfather had a beautiful garden. Over 100 rose bushes at one time. My mom, all her sister’s, and so many of my cousins, are passionate gardeners that I have to believe it is genetically passed down. My mom had a flower garden in our yard where I grew up. In the Spring and Summer she was always puttering around. Moving things from one spot to another. Planting a new purchase. Moving it if it was not “happy” in its original location. Watering. Always watering. And pulling weeds. I remember her saying “When I got mad at your father, I would go out and pull weeds. I always had the nicest garden.”  The longer I am married, the funnier that gets. After we moved into our first house, she came over one day while I was at work and planted some rose bushes in the yard. My girlfriends had mom’s who helped them paint, hang curtains or cleaned all the appliances when they moved in their first house. Not mine. I got rose bushes. And I loved it. So it is with great pleasure that I can say that Diane has ”it.” This love of flowers and dirt. She loves shopping for flowers. Well, anyone reading this blog knows Diane loves shopping. Period. But this is different.  I can see it by the look in her eyes looking at a 6 pack of annuals. It is a perfect outlet for her creativity and love of colors. A garden is the ultimate blank canvas. Some people will see a plot of dirt and want to put some sod down or cover it with stones. Not us. So much potential!!

“If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.”

That is from the movie Pretty Woman. Richard Gere’s character is talking about opera but it fits here as well.  There are times as a parent you wonder about your ‘legacy.’ If things you love will be carried on to future generations. With regards to gardening, I feel I can safely say “My work here is through.” -Mom


Consider this your mother’s day gift Mom 😉


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