I Like, I Need

My fellow Revenge watchers should already be familiar with this. It was used in an episode during a therapy session and who doesn’t love a good therapy session.  I was immediately drawn to the concept and thought of a how I could use it to pertain to my life. The idea is to name one positive quality, the I like portion, then one area that needs improvement, the I need portion.  I thought this could be good for my readers as well because it really helped make a lot of things I had running through my head much simpler. In this crazy complex world simple is sometimes underrated. Be honest with yourself also, there is no one here to judge you. Well, unless you put it on the WWW, then everyone can.

I Like, I Need

I like my life. I need to appreciate what I have.

I like my spontaneity. I need to start considering the effect it has on others.

I like making others happy. I need to concentrate on my own happiness more.

I like when I’m positive. I need work on my self-confidence.

I like being social. I need to find a balance between healthy and destructive.

I like having money. I need to be more motivated at work.

I like my passion for change. I need to be willing to work harder to make it happen.

I like food. I need to not use it as crutch.

I like being fit. I need to put in a larger effort to be more active.

I like clothes. I need to not hide behind them.

I like when I’m sincere. I need to be more honest with myself and others.

I like me. I need to start showing myself more often.

Wasn’t that fun? Hopefully you’re list isn’t as long, I’m a work in progress. I’ve found that in the past few days whenever I’ve been feeling “icky”, I use this to simplify my thoughts and I end up feeling much better. For instance, yesterday I was hating everything about my job. I took a giant step back from the situation and analyzed it using this format. It went something like this. I like that I haven’t killed anyone yet. I need to go for a drink. 🙂

Rock on


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  1. Mom
    May 22, 2012 @ 08:06:58

    This is great!


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