Happy Birthday!

Its my blogs 100th birthday.

 Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear I’m Pretty Even if You’ve Already Seen Me in this Outfit

Happy birthday to yyooouu!

Presents for everyone! Not really, I can’t afford that shit but today does mark my 100th post to this bad boy.  Check me out! There are lots of exciting things happening for me too. I went through my 800 excel sheets and recalculated my “light at the end of the tunnel”, aka, my projected date to get out of debt and drum roll please, its April 2013! AFKDHaioyvhzjckvhdauewir. That’s my excitement expressed through the keyboard. Of course that’s if I never spend another dime. Which if I’m being realistic is probably more like May but either way it’s in 2013 which is a helluva lot better than originally planned, 2230. I’ve also snagged a couple more followers. Welcome, welcome! I don’t know if you’re real or computers but either way were glad to see you. I’ve got a bunch more news, I think. I can’t remember, that whole retention span of fish thing again. Ill keep you posted as I remember.

I’ll see you all Sunday, not hung-over, much, hopefully, -_-


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