That word ^, is basically spanish to me. I’ve never been nor am I currently good at budgeting.  Budgeting and I do not go together. Honestly, it makes my head hurt. I’ve been finding all these great debt blogs and I feel like I’m the odd woman out. They’ve got fancy words, proper English, a million different budget templates, and all I’ve got are some funny jokes. If you even count them as funny. How am I supposed to budget for that one time I get an impulse to buy a pizza? What’s that you’re saying? Oh, you don’t budget for it because you shouldn’t be buying it, because you’re in debt. Ahhh, very wise you are, imaginary talking Yoda voice.  I look at these budget sheets and I’m just floored. One, it makes my debt look just ri-damn-diculous because I honestly have no excuse for getting into debt. I have no mortgage.  I have no fixed expenses outside of my car payment, insurance, and cell phone.  Which is nothing compared to having cable, electricity, children, and everything else real life demands. I’m really beginning to think when I decide to grow up I’m going to be screwed. Secondly, I really have no idea where to even begin with budgeting. I live pay check to pay check. I get paid and the money is gone. I set a new record for all you participating in the fund draining olympics. 5 minutes, beat that!

There are all these pretty excels that are trying their hardest to makes this easy for me but I just don’t get it.  For you people though, I’m willing to try because what kind of example would I be setting. After completing my skewed budget, I can already tell you this budgeting thing is going to suck. Very mature of me, I know. Just another avenue to make sure I keep myself truthful to the task at hand, NUMBERS DON’T LIE! Well, unless you put in the wrong number to begin with. This will be my test month, I will keep track of everything I spend, categorize it and try to make some sense of the numbers. Wish me luck, because I’m sure as hell going to need it. Got any budgeting strategies of your own, I’m all ears.

If you are interested in starting your own and understand how it works please check THIS fun one out or try THIS page for a multitude of budget excel sheets.

Happy Budgeting Y’all



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