One Small Step….

So yesterday’s post, the one I owe you, began like this,

I have a soft spot for mother earth. I shared my love briefly in a previous post but I truly love everything about this planet. I’ve loved animals since before I can remember. My first obsession was horses, then it was wolves and now it is whales. When I tried college out, my ultimate career goal was to become a marine biologist. Who knew you had to learn about plate tectonics before you were able to swim with dolphins, not this girl.  I love plants and flowers.  One of my favorite movies growing up was Ferngully. If you’ve never seen this I recommend you do so right meow! I’ve also always been fascinated by the weather as well.  My mother’s nickname for me growing up was, and still is, weather bunny. This planet is pretty damn amazing if you ask me.  You could learn something new every day, to the moment you die, and you would still not know everything about this world.

I’ve told you all this because I want to send you a message, DON’T BE ME! There’s a tiny piece of me that’s wishes I could go back to school and pursue my dream but school costs money. Money I don’t have.  These are the kind of moments in life where I wish I hadn’t gotten myself into such deep shit. Learn from me. Don’t live in the moment, live for the life you want in the future.

And ended like that.

As I typed away, I thought to myself, why am I writing this like my window of opportunity is over, like I couldn’t go back and finish what I started?  Maybe it was the tea I was drinking or maybe I’m becoming slightly more mature, either way, I had a moment. What happened next was the reason you didn’t have a post yesterday. I got distracted by a sparkly poodle. A poodle so sparkly I did something I haven’t done in 3 years. I enrolled in school again.

This is a big deal for me. This will be my 5th time enrolling. I could give you a different excuse for every time it hasn’t work out in the past. This time, I’m hoping, it’ll different. My gut feeling is telling me it will be. Why, because I actually have a major picked.  In my opinion, not having a major was one of the key elements as to why I feel school never worked out for me, among other reasons. I never had a goal or a reason. I was just going because that’s what my friends were doing and it was what society expected of you after high school.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared. I’m a million different feelings all wrapped up in one, even more so than usual. I know I want this. The cost will set me back. I will have to take fewer classes over a longer period of time to be able to afford to go but I have to believe it will all work itself out in the end. If I’m able to gain an education and enter into a field where I know I’ll be happy, I don’t believe you can put a price on that.

All children should see this movie

X (that’s the symbol for fingers crossed)


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