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Yea, I’m talking to you! You, who have found your way to my little place on the WWW by some form or another. Why don’t you take off your jacket and stay awhile! Click around. Read some things. We can get to know each other. Okay, well, you can get to know me.  While we’re getting acquainted if I happened to cause you to think once or laugh twice why not do me a favor and let me know I’m doing something right here. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if I made you laugh. I’ve got these nifty little widgets on the side here ————> that allow you to follow me, which I think you should. Email subscriptions, Facebook, and even Twitter! I’m everywhere, well almost. I know there are a million different feed options out there but chances are you must have one of those three.

If anything you can follow me to serve as that person you keep around because they make you feel better about yourself. I don’t care how I’m in your life just let me into your life. Sometimes I say some profound things, or share some opinions, but mostly I’m here because I want to help.  I want to stop what happened to me from happening to you or someone you know. If I can help just one person out in this whole world I will be able to pat myself on the back.

For now, I’m just speaking to the few who have found me, and chose to stick around. Thank you to all of you. You’re the reason I write every day, well kind of, almost, every day. I slack off on the weekends. Simple acknowledgements that there are humans out there liking what I have to say is a great feeling. To my followers keep doing what you do and I’ll keep doing what I do, it’s a great relationship we have.

This is all of course counting on the fact that you like what you’re reading. If you don’t, carry on, and thanks for making my counter go up one number. 🙂

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Drum Roll Please

I was surfing the WWW yesterday for other blogs similar to mine. Basically there are none because let’s face it, I’m pretty unique. Most of these people have got their shit together though! Which is just scary because mine is all over the place. The same can be said for me as a person but as a dear friend put it, “I wouldn’t have you any other way.” While I was catching some waves I began to notice a trend, most everyone had acknowledged, in some form or another, the actual dollar amount in debt they were/are.  -_-   I read on one site, the blogger felt that by posting his information it gave him a sense of accountability. This is all hunky dory for some people but for me it’s a big step. No one, except my boyfriend, knows my financial standing. This is a HUGE step but I think I need to take. I don’t know if I’m necessarily ready, but I do need some more accountability.  So here goes nothing, I put it in a chart for easy reading and comprehending.  Plus, it made me look busy at work for .25 seconds.

I'm hoping the colors distracted you from the figures like they did for me

Insert downward trend here

Errr, that kind of makes my heart constrict but it can only get better from here. I will have my Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Chase paid off this month when I receive my tax return. That will leave me with an additional $250 to $300 to put towards the big boys. So, next time my grand total will be lower and my debt chart will not have so much width to it. Then I’ll be on the home stretch. As always, please don’t try to use this information as a weapon against me. I’m acknowledging my problems to help myself and maybe help some others.  Judge if you like, but remember nobody is perfect, even the ones who think they are.

The cat is out of the bag


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