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I have enough pride to admit I’m a follower. Somewhere deep inside me, I probably posses a minuscule amount of leadership qualities, but for the most part, I just run with the herd. I’ve been reading more debt blogs and found another trending feature, goal setting. Blonde on a Budget is one of my new favorite blogs to follow. I know I briefly stated  before that goals are important, blah, blah, but they really are.  My original message was brilliant and much more important then I may have just lead you to believe. Trust me, I’m like yoda, but freckled.

As a good follower, I will do as I’ve been taught to do, follow. Obviously I have goals. I want to get out of debt, I want to live in Hawaii, I want to marry George Clooney, but apparently it’s good for the heart and soul to set smaller, more obtainable goals. We will call these instant gratification goals, clever eh? Seeing as it is still pretty early in the month, I figure why not give this a try, the chart thing worked out great.  I will be setting monthly goals rather than weekly. I know me best, and seeing as I’m an expert at procrastination, I know I’d just be setting myself up for failure if I did weekly goals.


I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉

Lose 10 lbs – Say what? As I said HERE, I believe, as women, were genetically altered to dislike our bodies no matter what kind of shape we’re in.  I will be trying out for a sporting event later this month. I’m hoping with the help of my physical trainer, enter the boyfriend, that we’ll be able to shed these last pesky pounds.

Finish A Clash of Kings – This is the second novel to the A Song of Ice and Fire series or season 2 of Game of Thrones being shown on HBO now.

Get a Second Job – Ugh, just typing that makes me feel like giving up. I need more money, hey don’t we all sister, but I really need more money. If I’m going to reach my goal by January I somehow need to pull in additional $890 a month.  I’m limited in time but plentiful in excuses. I’ve served in the past and I hate people. I’m just kidding, I love you all, I just hate serving you. 🙂 I’ll figure something out. It’s funny how rarely you see ninja assassin on Craig’s List, now THAT I could do.

Create a Squirrel Stash –  I want to start squirreling away money here and there. Why, you might say? You might not have said that at all, but I’ll tell you why anyways. My family will be going on vacation next February. My parents are starting to view us children, my brother and I, as semi, not even close to being, grown adults. With this new revelation, theyre are asking us to pay for ourselves. Horse doodoo right?! Let’s start an uprising for this injustice! Small joke, I’ve been privileged to have my parents take me on plenty of all-inclusive vacations. Spoiled is the word that comes to mind. By asking us to pay, it’s the least we can do, as miniature adults, to help ease to burden of the bill. Well, my brother is sitting pretty, but I on the other hand, in my current state, cannot afford to go. ::blink, blink:: WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. I’m hoping by squirreling away money, I might be able to afford the first leg of the trip, and find my way to the cargo hold for the second. The plan is ingenious.

I think that those should be enough for one month. I’ll be proud of myself if I complete one of them. Anyone out there betting, put it on finishing the book, and you didn’t hear it from me. Make sure when you set your goals, you make them realistic and achievable. It will give you a sense of satisfaction that you may be lacking when your debt isnt plummeting to zero as fast as you expected.

In other news, overnight, I gained my 40th follower. YAY! Don’t forget sharing is caring. If you love poor grammar, and lame excuses, spread the love and joy of reading about my life in shambles.

Happy Humpday



TV Junkie

Being an extremely lazy person I watch extreme amounts of television. My first love is music, I could never live without it but TV would probably be next. Although I really think I could live without it if I had to. For the time being though, it helps make the days go by faster. I find that people who actually, I don’t know, have important jobs, obligations, aren’t lazy, or have a life are missing out on a lot of good TV.  So today I’m going to help those less fortunate human beings, who are productive in society, by listing the shows I watch, watched or plan on watching. You can thank me later.

New Girl

If you choose nothing else to watch, please make it this show! It is one of the most hilariously written shows that I believe has ever been created.  I think part of what makes it great, is its real. There are no special effects, aliens, or gun battles. It’s just people being people, with some of the most brilliantly written dialogue I’ve ever heard.  If you don’t laugh at least once, check your pulse.

Once Upon A Time

This is my dorky guilty pleasure. The premise of this show is an evil queen has sent all our childhood storybook characters into real life. They are forced to live life without their happy endings. It’s a little cheesy at parts but I enjoy seeing the new characters introduced every week.


AMAZING! There were previews for about a month before this show actually aired. I had already proclaimed I wouldn’t be watching this show. I personally thought it was an attempt by Katharine McPhee (former American Idol contestant) to show that she should’ve won American Idol. Boy, was I wrong! Please forgive me Katharine! This show is WOW. I’m a theatre girl, I love song and dance. If you do too, you will not be disappointed.  Her performance is knockout, not to mention the other contributors who make this show awesome.


Another guilty pleasure. It’s not brilliant or mind-blowing but it is entertaining. It’s a cop show with a twist. The main character was in an accident. He was left believing he is living two separate lives, one where his son survived and the other where his wife survived. We follow in his journey to decide which is reality and which is not.


Literally just premiered last week and looks interesting. I watched the premiere episode last night and was intrigued. Again, I had my reservations towards this show. I didn’t think Kiefer Sutherland should be on another time orientated show, on Fox, none the less. He doesn’t have his Jack Bauer presence with him so it turned out okay. I like the idea behind the show more so.  If you’re a believer in predetermined destiny then you’ll like this show.


Where do I even begin, this show is in the top fav’s. It is set in the Hampton’s, you can never go wrong with rich beautiful people.  It’s about one girls story to avenge her father, who was wrongfully accused of mass murder. It’s so addictive it’s ridiculous. I don’t think the creators planned on this being such a success, because the “new episode” scheduling is all out of whack. I think it’s been 3 weeks since the last new episode. Side note: if you are going to try to start watching this show, please start from the beginning. You have to see every scrupulous detail that goes into plotting the take down of some of the Hampton’s most rich and famous.


I got to visit Alcatraz as a teen and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. So when I saw the previews for this show I thought “Wts, how are they going to bring Alcatraz back to life?” Well they did, literally. The basis for this show is inmates are returning to present day America and a special team is created to round them up. It’s not great but it’s good to turn on when you have nothing else to do.

The Walking Dead

I will admit, I am a bandwagon fan.  I started watching this show when it first aired last year. I stopped after the 2nd episode.  I guess I tried to have a life for a little while. The hype on Facebook for the shows return had me intrigued to see what I had missed out on. It was good and I’m glad I got to give this show another chance. If you like zombie and apocalyptic type shows, this is for you. If you hate zombies and dooms day theories, stay away. This is not a happy-go-lucky show.


Rated R Section (Keep children out)


Oh Spartacus.  If you can get past the porn, and BLOOD, props to the special effects team for making me almost lose my dinner several times, then this is a GREAT show! Ha-Ha! Seriously though, its sculpted men in loin cloths, need I say more? Okay seriously now, I found season 1 on on-demand and fell in love. Then I had my heart broken, the actor who played Spartacus originally, Andy Whitfield, passed away from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. ::tears:: My love affair was short-lived and I had some hostility towards the replacement, Liam McIntyre, but I have grown to love him too. This show is another adaptation of the story of Spartacus the Gladiator. Its drama filled, action packed, and it’s one of my favorite shows. Don’t judge me. P.S. BF when you read this know that you are the only Spartacus for me ❤

Mad Men

I have yet to dive into this season but I am a major fan. It’s the dirty side of Leave It To Beaver, what’s not to love? There’s never a dull moment about this advertising firm and everything that encompasses the lives of these individuals in the 1960’s. Drinking all day, sex in the offices, smoking everywhere, all included for free.

True Blood

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires. A grown up version to the Twilight Saga and it is grown up. It’s another HBO success. Placed in present day rural Louisiana, humans are made to coexist with vampires. You can already see the conflict there. Its rich with human vampire conflict and offers the occasional laugh factor. Lafayette is a personal favorite, as well as Sookie, said in Bill’s voice.

Game of Thrones

AHHHHHHHHHHH! Words cannot describe how excited I am for season two of this show! I stumbled upon season 1 and never looked back.  I don’t even think I can accurately sum this one up but I’ll try. This is the classic story of Kings and Queens, and all the drama that coincides. It is set in its own realm, so there’s no real defining time period, but its ancient.  I loved this show so much that I actually purchased the books the series is based on. Do yourself a favor and get lost in this show.


Understand these are my opinions and you are entitled to your own but I would never steer you wrong. I watch on all these shows on on-demand, thanks to having Comcast and my parents, who front the bill. I’m sure there are plenty of shows I love that I’ve forgotten but these are the ones fresh in my memory.  Clearly I don’t watch enough TV and I need another show like I need a hole in the head.


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