There’s an App for That

It’s a holiday today, just like Christmas and my birthday, its NEW PHONE DAY! Yes, I just implied my birthday was a holiday, because it is. I am just so excited. This is probably a stretch but I’m going to compare it to jail. You’re sentenced for 2 years of your life. You check with the parole board every couple of months to see if they will approve an early release, but you’re always denied, until that one day when you’re approved! :: happy dance:: The taste of freedom, the sun is shining. Air on the outside is always sweeter. I’ve probably seen Shawshank one too many times, but people in legal binding phone contracts know exactly what I’m talking about.

Its new phone day for him.

I have a dilemma though. I don’t know which phone to get.  The immediate answer for most of you was probably the Iphone. It’s the cool hip thing and I am nothing else if not cool and hip. I’ve had the Iphone before, first generation, but still, been there done that. I had to cross enemy lines and vowed my allegiance to another company when Apple kept delaying the release of the white one, over, and over again. It was pissing me off, so I said “f this shit, I’m going to Blackberry!” Dun, dun, dun. I know, I really stuck it to em. Rumor has it, Apple has never fully recovered.

Apple’s stock after I switched to Blackberry.

I currently have a Blackberry Torch and I like it, but I love one feature, it has an actual keyboard.  I’ve had to use an Iphone here and there over the past two years. All I could think was, “gross, how the hell do people operate without actual keys to press?” I know you do, hell I used to, but it seems so foreign now.  Is it asking too much to create a new Iphone with a keyboard? If Blackberry can, I’m quite certain Apple could. I want keys damn it!

Not the kind of keyboard I had in mind but A for effort.

Now we get to the good stuff, the only thing that keeps me glancing back at my old lover, apps. I mean there’s really no comparison, Apple has got this one locked and sealed.  I can say, and still have a ounce of dignity, that I am actually jealous of Iphone users and their apps. I miss them.  They are so simple, and easy, and fun, and wah! I can’t base my decision on my want for apps, can I?  I know other phones have their own apps but it’s the Iphone apps that are the coolest. Did I just type that?

Probably should find an app for “Get a Life”.

Then there are smartphones, windows phones, androids, and all sorts of other stuff. Are they all the same? Which phone is the best for me? Someone help me! I need guidance. It’s just too much. I become overwhelmed because I know this is to be my kin for the next 2 years, and if I’m going back to jail I at least want to make it pleasurable, but  I’m sure there’s an app for that.

I wish I could give them weapons and they could battle for my love.

To the victor goes the spoils



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