Progress Puppy – Day 213

::shakes head::

WOW! So, I completely skipped the month of July, which is probably for the best. Progress puppy means progress was supposed to be had eh? It’s not awful. I’ve made progress, just not as much as I’d hoped for.  Small excuses lead to big excuses and before you know it I’m back at the start. One thing I have noticed is there is a direct correlation between blogging and my attitude towards my debt. I think I kind of lost sight of the big picture. Well, not the whole picture, but my focus seems to have gone astray when it comes to discipline. So, I’m going to try my darnedest to get back to blogging regularly in hopes that it will help me get my butt back on track. Here are the magnificent numbers.

We must go down further men!

Disappointment in an array of colors….

Has anyone else picked up on the trend here? Pay,spend,pay,spend, pay, spend. Ugh. I’ve come up with a new strategy that I’m hoping will help to eliminate this tendency. If the rest of August goes like I originally planned, it should be a great step towards paying off another card, but only time will tell.  On a more positive note tomorrows Friday. TGIMFF!

Debt you win this round



Mirror Mirror

My newly hired secretary is doing an awful job but luckily for you I remembered something.  I realized last night I’ve never fully acknowledged what my blog title is referencing. I’ve sort of danced around the subject and if you’ve read most of my posts you could probably put two and two together, but I’ve never completely disclosed why I chose this particular name.  If you’ve read my problem section you know that I have a major shopping problem. I’ve touched base on the issue here, but today you get to find out what it’s all about straight from the horse’s mouth.  I have extremely low self-esteem. I lack any kind of self-confidence and rarely can think positive of myself. I am my biggest critic and judging eyes, meant to do harm, are around every corner. I hide behind my clothes. I trained myself to believe changing my exterior would make people think highly of me.  While I was becoming so enraptured with my outer appearance I began to lose my core. The inner makings that remind you, people like you for who you are not what you wear. This isn’t a cry for help and I don’t want pity because this is a personal battle, one with myself. My mind has become so twisted that the approval I once so longed for, no longer holds any meaning. There’s a kink in my chain that needs fixing and I’m the only one who can fix it. I need to allow myself to be loved by me.  So now you see my title is actually derived from a sad place that once began with the best intentions. I need to become comfortable in my own skin. My title is not meant to be conceited or self-centered. It’s actually the furthest thing from that. It’s my daily reminder that I am pretty even if you’ve already seen me in this outfit because I’m beautiful on the inside.

So True

Start loving yourself


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