Winners and Losers

Three of the easiest words to utter have to be “I give up”, just think about it. How often have you thought it to yourself or spoken it out loud, in a joking or non-joking manner? Giving up is essentially quitting and quitting is essentially losing. There are more losers in this life than winners, this we know. NFL Football, 32 teams, 1 ultimate winner.  Miss America, 52 contestants, 1 Miss America. American Idol, 100,000 hopefuls, 1 American Idol. You see where I’m going with this. Those are 3 examples on an extreme scale, but think about, what if every person who didn’t come in first gave up? There would only be one of everything. Everyone would be so defeated from not winning the first time that there would never be another competition. Good thing for us, that’s not what most of us are made of. It’s hard but it takes real character to build you back up and get back in the game. It takes determination and dedication to know you are worth something more than runner-up. It takes knowing you are special to keep fighting. The next time you find yourself thinking about giving up remember this life was not created to be simple or easy. If it was, we’d have a lot more winners and then winning wouldn’t be so special. See because every winner has been a loser at some point. They knew what it felt like to not come in first but the difference is they kept fighting. Reach for something and don’t stop until yours because when life pushes you, you’ve got to be able to push back.


Im not giving up



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