Hi ho, hi ho…

it’s off to work I go. This is a little later than I’d hoped. I can only hope you guys weren’t postponing your Saturday activities in anticipation of this post. I’ve got jokes. Well here I am and here you are and I’ve got nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with my new job. It’s probably a little too soon to be speaking so seriously but I have to believe fate played a role here. I feel this strongly and I haven’t even seen a pay check. That’s how you know it’s love.  There are floor to ceiling windows I get to creep, I mean people watch, all day. The office is located in a busy little community so it is constantly pulsing with activity. There are little shops on every corner.   I’ve got my phone playing my music and they serve Starbucks coffee as the office coffee. That’s outrageous! I’m not mad about it. They just need to get a little barista back there to brew up my magic elixir and I’d probably propose. That’s all for now, I have to go feed the ponies, and let the puppies out. Just kidding but there is a unicorn.

Meet Bob. I’m teaching him to make my coffee.


Happy Early Mom’s Day

There are a few things that scare the shit out of me in this world and becoming a mother is one. Being a mother is a wonderful magically gift, no doubt. I can’t say I know from personal experience but I can tell. I can see it in the eyes of mothers when they look at their child. If you’ve ever been in the presence of a baby and its mother then youve had a brief glimpse into knowing what unconditional love is. To be a mom has to be one of the hardest jobs on this planet, except maybe Alaskan King Crabbing. Have you ever seen Deadliest Catch? That shit looks down right miserable.  This weekend is Mother’s day, obviously. I would like for everyone to take a second, minute, or hour, and extend a call, hand, or hug to their mother. Whether you’re on good terms, bad terms, or non speaking terms, she will forever be your mother.

So here’s to you, mom’s of the world, thank you for holding our hand through life. Thank you for always being a constant friend. Thank you for continuing to want more for us and from us. Thank you for letting us know second best is still the best. Thank you for allowing us to grow without letting us stray too far. Thank you for knowing what to say and when to say it. Thank you for putting us first. Thank you for punishing us. Thank you for teaching us what’s right and wrong. Thank you for sticking through the tears, screams, pee, pooh, burp up, throw up, chicken pox, pink eye, lice, and everything else that comes with being a mother. Thank you for being you. Without you this world would be a helluva of scary place.

To my mom, I wouldn’t be who I am today without your compassion, friendship, humor, and support. Thank you for dealing with my tantrums, even when I ripped the wallpaper off the walls. Thank you for never questioning my form of entertainment, despite having garbage cans on my head.  Thank you for making me feel normal after I got sent home from school for smelling like a skunk. Thank you for every swing set, sand pit, and swimming pool you provided.  Thank you for working so hard to give me everything I had and have.  The Christmas’, the Birthdays’, the Easters’, and all the days in between that you always make so special for me. Thank you for making some life’s hardest moments the easiest to deal with. Thank you for the years, the memories, and the love, but mostly thank you for being my mother.  That’s no easy feat. I can only hope that one day I can be half the mother you are. I love you.

Mommy might be drunk….

Ew that got mushy fast 😉


One Small Step….

So yesterday’s post, the one I owe you, began like this,

I have a soft spot for mother earth. I shared my love briefly in a previous post but I truly love everything about this planet. I’ve loved animals since before I can remember. My first obsession was horses, then it was wolves and now it is whales. When I tried college out, my ultimate career goal was to become a marine biologist. Who knew you had to learn about plate tectonics before you were able to swim with dolphins, not this girl.  I love plants and flowers.  One of my favorite movies growing up was Ferngully. If you’ve never seen this I recommend you do so right meow! I’ve also always been fascinated by the weather as well.  My mother’s nickname for me growing up was, and still is, weather bunny. This planet is pretty damn amazing if you ask me.  You could learn something new every day, to the moment you die, and you would still not know everything about this world.

I’ve told you all this because I want to send you a message, DON’T BE ME! There’s a tiny piece of me that’s wishes I could go back to school and pursue my dream but school costs money. Money I don’t have.  These are the kind of moments in life where I wish I hadn’t gotten myself into such deep shit. Learn from me. Don’t live in the moment, live for the life you want in the future.

And ended like that.

As I typed away, I thought to myself, why am I writing this like my window of opportunity is over, like I couldn’t go back and finish what I started?  Maybe it was the tea I was drinking or maybe I’m becoming slightly more mature, either way, I had a moment. What happened next was the reason you didn’t have a post yesterday. I got distracted by a sparkly poodle. A poodle so sparkly I did something I haven’t done in 3 years. I enrolled in school again.

This is a big deal for me. This will be my 5th time enrolling. I could give you a different excuse for every time it hasn’t work out in the past. This time, I’m hoping, it’ll different. My gut feeling is telling me it will be. Why, because I actually have a major picked.  In my opinion, not having a major was one of the key elements as to why I feel school never worked out for me, among other reasons. I never had a goal or a reason. I was just going because that’s what my friends were doing and it was what society expected of you after high school.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared. I’m a million different feelings all wrapped up in one, even more so than usual. I know I want this. The cost will set me back. I will have to take fewer classes over a longer period of time to be able to afford to go but I have to believe it will all work itself out in the end. If I’m able to gain an education and enter into a field where I know I’ll be happy, I don’t believe you can put a price on that.

All children should see this movie

X (that’s the symbol for fingers crossed)


You Know What I Love…

Besides the obvious of family, friends, and the bf.

I love music.

I love color.

I love making others happy.

I love animals.

I love flowers.

I love being happy.

I love water.

I love nature.

I love food.

I love my bed.

I love stuffed animals.

I love pictures.

I love sunshine.

I love painting.

I love warmth.

I love trying new things.

I love laughing.

I love Fridays.

I love bathes.

I love reading.

I love that this isn’t a real post but I put it out there anyways.


Free is Better

Warning: This is going to be sappy and mushy, if you’re not into that kind of stuff I’d advise to leave now.  I hope everyone used the weekend to create loving wonderful CHEAP gifts and didn’t spend a heap load of dough on a gift. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and as I promised I would be providing a gift idea every day leading up to Valentine’s Day, I mostly kept to my word. With one day left, I put a lot of thought into what today’s idea should be. It had to be something simple yet meaningful. My conclusion is love. Give Love. Life is far too unpredictable and doesn’t always have our best interest in mind. This life will run its course whether we try to control it or not.  So love what you’ve got now.  Don’t lose sight of what is important by getting caught up in the materialistic makings of a “perfect” life. What am I asking? Take the time to show those who are important to you how much they really mean. Kiss for a few seconds longer, hug a little tighter, hold hands, look into their eyes, listen when they speak, help out, cuddle, laugh even when the jokes not funny, give compliments, say thank you, and most importantly love unconditionally.  All of these things are free but can mean the world. Simplicity is beautiful and underrated.  Step outside of your comfort zone, break your “routine”, and stop just going through the motions. Life will always be there, love may not. Cherish the moment and live in the now because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.


Ransom Note Love

Nothing says I love you quite like a large picture of ransom note style letters professing your love! I love it! If this isn’t your cup of tea don’t worry, there are plenty more ideas where this one came from that are less serial stalker style. I liked this for many reasons, its cost efficient and creative. It says, “Hey look I took the time to put this together for you.” If I were to create this I would probably make some alterations. Maybe add the name of the person receiving the gift to the end of the “I love you” or add a favorite picture in black and white to the middle.  The options are limitless but remember to keep some kind of budget.  It defeats the purpose if you spend $50 on magazines and another $25 on extra frills to jazz it up. Keep it simple and meaningful.

I love you.... now give me all your money


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