Priceless Perspective

A couple of months ago I was told a story that I feel is important enough to share.  It’s happy and sad at the same time.

The founding president of my company is an elderly man who has always given to his community. He is a devout Christian and devoted to his church. He came into the office one day and asked if we, my coworker and I, wanted to see the new pictures his homeless friends had taken.  The pictures were beautiful shots of Chicago but I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by “homeless friends”. He went on to tell this story….

“Every Thursday we invite these homeless folks into our church but once a year we have a special meeting. We ask them if there is anyone here who would like a camera to take pictures of what they see daily. They’re just little disposable cameras but they can bring the cameras back and some members of the church, who are in photography, develop them for free. Then they pick out the best ones and have them put on sale. We have a show and invite them back.  They get all dressed in the best they have and stand next to their pictures all proud. They know I’m a buyer, so as soon as I walk in they always ask, ‘Hey Dr., do you like my picture?’ and I always end up buying a handful.”

He wasn’t lying either, he is a buyer, because he had at least 10 prints in his pile and we already have a hallway dedicated to the pictures he has bought in the past. My immediate reaction was awe, I couldn’t believe the story behind these pictures, but then it turned to sadness. I had been a critic and had judged a book by its cover. I walk this particular hallway at least 10 times a day. I have worked at this company for almost 3 years. Up until this story, I had always questioned why they had these particular pictures hanging. They gave the wrong impression, there is such nicer quality out there, why not something better. After hearing the background story I felt childish, and hurtful.

I now look at these pictures and smile, because they are beautiful, in every aspect of the word. All I can see now is the perspective that has been captured. That even in some of these individuals darkest days they were still able to capture life in all of its beauty. It truly is amazing.

Just one example

Perspective is everything



Drum Roll Please

I was surfing the WWW yesterday for other blogs similar to mine. Basically there are none because let’s face it, I’m pretty unique. Most of these people have got their shit together though! Which is just scary because mine is all over the place. The same can be said for me as a person but as a dear friend put it, “I wouldn’t have you any other way.” While I was catching some waves I began to notice a trend, most everyone had acknowledged, in some form or another, the actual dollar amount in debt they were/are.  -_-   I read on one site, the blogger felt that by posting his information it gave him a sense of accountability. This is all hunky dory for some people but for me it’s a big step. No one, except my boyfriend, knows my financial standing. This is a HUGE step but I think I need to take. I don’t know if I’m necessarily ready, but I do need some more accountability.  So here goes nothing, I put it in a chart for easy reading and comprehending.  Plus, it made me look busy at work for .25 seconds.

I'm hoping the colors distracted you from the figures like they did for me

Insert downward trend here

Errr, that kind of makes my heart constrict but it can only get better from here. I will have my Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Chase paid off this month when I receive my tax return. That will leave me with an additional $250 to $300 to put towards the big boys. So, next time my grand total will be lower and my debt chart will not have so much width to it. Then I’ll be on the home stretch. As always, please don’t try to use this information as a weapon against me. I’m acknowledging my problems to help myself and maybe help some others.  Judge if you like, but remember nobody is perfect, even the ones who think they are.

The cat is out of the bag


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