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We’re just going to let me vent here and move on or otherwise I might lose my mind. As predicted I did not get my raise. 😦 Please see Boasting if you’re a newcomer.  I can’t act surprised because this is how this company is. They “say” they don’t have money or aren’t able to give anyone bonuses or raises but yet, we’re currently hiring 4 new people! My raise would be half, if not three-quarters,  of one of these new f@$*ing people’s salaries. It’s a joke. It’s a damn joke. Not as funny as me crying during an interview but still. We have picnics, BBQ’s, and parties. I totally get what they are trying to do but hear the cries of the little people upper management! No amount of hot dogs or burgers is going to make us happy. WE want MONEY! The real kicker here, I wasn’t even asking for a crazy large raise. I was asking for like 50 f@#&ing cents so that when my check comes I might have a little more wiggle room to head my cause but nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo we can’t do that. We’re a business and want all our employees unhappy. Horseshit.

My company is the baby in this instance.

Just like most businesses, they are willing to take you for all your worth, but not reward you. They want, they want, they want, but yet they can’t meet half way to give back! Should I start a protest? I’ve always wanted to be in one of those. My picket would be the shit, glitter and all! Back to the point at hand, I think I’m going to start an uprising here and we’ll hog all the news coverage from NATO. Take that! They’ll think twice before not giving me a raise.

I like the direction this is headed.


Half of you probably aren’t surprised given what kind of employee I project myself as but I really should’ve gotten a raise. Good day. I said GOOD DAY!




I got gutsy last week and asked for a raise. I wasn’t declined, but I wasn’t approved, either. I was sent on an almost impossible task, proving I’m worthy of a raise. Everyone who reads this blog should know I generally write during work hours, strike one. Everyone who knows me personally knows I tend to take off of work a lot, strike two. Now I’m in the batter’s box, staring down the pitcher, and it’s do or die. Well, okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but it is crunch time. I’ve been at this company for 2, almost 3 years, and I’ve only had one review. My one and only was after I had been here for 3 months. They were impressed then and excited about what I could offer in the future.  Well the future is here and I’ve never had another review, which is supposed to be done annually.  How do I express I’m worthy of raise without making it sound like I should be getting a raise for having to work? “Uh, well you guys make me work sometimes, so I’m totally over qualified, and I’m not being paid enough to use my brain this often.”

Here’s another problem, I work in an industry that does not have a strenuous work environment. There’s a steady work flow but it’s never overly demanding. Well now I can scratch off the argument of, “I’m so stressed you’re guys are making me go grey so pay me more to cover them up.”  The truth of the matter is I have an extremely easy job that most people would kill for. That’s not to say I’m not a hard worker or dedicated, but now I’m left with the assignment of praising myself for working, which seems ridiculous. If I were my boss, I would’ve laughed in my face, but I was crying so I probably wouldn’t have laughed in my face.  True story, I cried when asking for raise. Who does that? Anyways, in the meantime I stare at a blank document waiting for someone else to write all the ways I’ve expanded the roles of my position. How do I make myself sound important without sounding like every other person in America, “I’m overworked and underpaid damn it!” If only that were the truth I might have an easier time with this undertaking.


"Please, sir, I want some more."


If anyone I work with has found this post,, I was totally joking about all of the above, I don’t write this at work.



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