Heres Mommy!

Oh my little tiger lilies I’ve neglected you once again. I’m probably the worst kind of blogger there is. That’s not even talking about the grammar portion. I was in hiatus. School was overwhelming me and still is. Not overwhelming, but stressing me the f#$* out. The holiday in the middle of the week jacked me up. I’ve put off so much work at work that I’m now in panic catch up mood. I spent money, a lot more than I should have.  A giant polar bear maliciously attacked me. I made up that part. I figured since I seemed full of excuses that I would try my hand at an imaginary one.  I have this eerie feeling that I’m going to get fired, from both jobs. Maybe it’s my conscience telling me to shape up or maybe it’s my subconscious wishing I could be unemployed. No worries though, the logical part of my brain chimes in real fast. It makes sure to tell me to straighten the f#($ up because you would have collections on your ass so fast, you need your jobs.  I’m thinking more and more about entrepreneurship. I could be my own boss, sleep however late I wanted to, make up my own hours, and pay myself a six figure salary. It’d be awesome. I just gotta find the “entre” or “preneurship” of that idea, which ever is the business definition of that word. I’ve got the person, I just need the business.  Yes, I understand I can’t pay myself six figures without having the business that would allow me to bill six figures. Gosh! Why do you guys have to be such dream crushers! Let a girl dream for a little!

In other news Ted is an awful movie and anyone who said it was “hilarious” should be shot in the foot because that’d be funny then that movie.

Happy Muggle Day, because today I’m a wizard.



Crack is Wack

There are 3 people in this world who know about the madness that is my dreams. I’m not talking about future ambition dreams but like actual dreams that get dreamt at night. They are my mom, my bf and one of my gfs. My gf is the only one who listens and kind of somewhat gets it because she herself can recall her dreams. They are almost as cracked out as mine but I take the icing on the cake.

I guess most people don’t recall their dreams. For as long as I can remember I’ve been able to remember mine which would explain why I have such a distorted perception of the world because who wants to come back to reality when you can have dream land all the time.  Generally it’s my mom who gets subjected to listening to my insanity and the conversation usually ends with, “do you do drugs in your room at night?” Most of the time the answer is no, just kidding the answer is always no. D.A.R.E., drugs are really expensive and I’m broke.

Well last night I had one of my more exciting dreams and by exciting I mean I get interactive. I need to be in a sleep study program because the scientist/doctors/aliens would have such a good time watching me. I can’t recall the whole dream, which is rare, because most of the time I can remember the madness from the beginning. Any who, for whatever reason I had won something and I was being given the options for my prizes. They were all pretty shitty to begin with but then they, I don’t know who they was, got to the last one and they were these crabby spiders they released. I explained to my mom, “Not crabby like they had a bad day but crabby like they had hard bodies and ticked when they walked.”  Well the release of these crabby spiders made me react in real life. Cue scene.

Me jumping out of bed, staring at my blanket because there could possibly be crabby spiders under there, My thought process.

“oh f@#&, oh f%($, oh f*@%, please don’t be there, please do be there. Shit it’s so dark how am I suppose to know if they’re there or not. I need to find a light to check but my phones on my bed and if I go on my bed and they might attack. I don’t want to flip on my light because it’s going to be so f#&*ing bright and holy shit its 415am!  I’m not in the mood for crabby spiders right now.”

I finally flip on my light.

“Okay I don’t see anything but just in case they are under my cover I’ll pull it off really fast.”

I pull my cover and discover, gasp, nothing. I turn off my light and hop back into bed pulling my blanket back on top of me.

“I really hope they didn’t cling to the under part of the blanket I didn’t check.”  Last thing I remember.

I mean you can’t make this shit up. This isn’t the first time either. I’ve put on a jacket before, I’ve caught myself in the middle of a conversation with no one, I’ve caught myself with my eyes open. Don’t think to hard about that last one but shit is weird! It usually isn’t until the morning when I have to assess what was real and what wasn’t that I actually recall shit got crazy in the night.

You know who I feel really bad for in this situation? The bf because not only is he going to be subjected to listening to my madness but he’ll also get to experience the interactive dreams first hand when were living together. Yay for you boo! Promise you won’t leave me if I pull the covers off of you in the middle of the night? I’m just ensuring our safety from the crabby spiders.

Anyone else has “interactive” dreams?


Some Days You Just Shouldn’t Get Out of Bed

I’m tired today. My mind did an awful thing to me this morning. It made me think it was Saturday. So when my body naturally woke up at the god awful hour of 6, I tucked myself a little further into my bed and thought, “it’s going to be so nice to sleep in today.” -_- Wrong.  My brain worked hard to correct itself and sent out several reminders as to why today could not be Saturday.

  • I hadn’t told my co-worker to have a nice weekend yesterday when she left.
  • I went to bed early and I like to stay up late on the weekends to prove to myself that I’m not old.
  • I was suppose see Avengers with the BF on Friday night and I don’t recall any of the movie.

The conclusion, it couldn’t possibly be Saturday. This is what happens when your mind is an asshole.

Also, I may, or may not, have burned my face while trying to get rid of some pesky pimples. So now, I’m in pain as well. If you’re wondering what would possibly posses me to do this, there’s a tip somewhere, that states applying hot water to pesky pimples will help bring the bad stuff to the surface and you’ll then be able to get rid of said pimple.  At my company we have a little faucet that produces SCALDING hot water. That is not an exaggeration. I’m almost certain it could melt plastic. Me being me, and ever so smart, decided that if I applied this water to my face it should basically vanquish the pimple completely off my face. I now have burn ointment on my face. It gets better,  this isn’t the first time I’ve done this! I get a gold star for being brilliant and double checking to make sure the first time wasn’t just a fluke. -_-

I’m 0 for 2 on the day and not happy about it. I do, however, have an AWESOME NEW FREAKIN’ PHONE!! Yay for caps and exclamation points. I decided to get an android, bringing Apple’s stock down even further. ::Evil laugh:: I chose the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and am in love. I mean, I have waves that move as my friggin’ background. That’s pretty neat.  I still have no idea what I’m doing but I got Instagram! ::Insert holy angelic music here::

True Story

Me (browsing the wall of phones): “Babes I don’t know which phone to get. I like this one but I don’t know if it gets Instagram.”

BF(staring at me like I’m an alien): “And what’s Instagram?”

Me(I thought you’d never ask): “It’s this really cool app that Apple and Google supports and it’s what all the cool kids are using to get their photos to look really cool and I want it. So I think I should get this one because I know I’ll have Instagram.”

BF(still staring at me like I’m an alien): “If you get a phone just for Instagram I will hurt you.”

Me(dream crusher): “Ooooh okay, I’ll just  go look at these ones over here.”

I ended picking an awesome phone that gets Instagram, win, win! It needs to be said my boyfriend never has, nor does he currently, hurt me in any way, shape, or form. He’s the sweetest cuddliest teddy bear you’ll ever know. He just meant it as a term of endearment and had my best interest in mind.  Plus I’d kick his ass any day, super hero or not. 🙂 I don’t condone girlfriend on boyfriend violence either.

Happy Friday or Saturday if you’re anything like me


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