Progress Puppy – Day 32

Stop spending right meow!

Regrettably Sergeant Pupperstein couldn’t be here today so he sent in General Friskers, who means to do business. I personally cannot believe it has been 32 days since I started this thing! It feels like it was just yesterday I was seeing this blog off to preschool, tear.  This has been much easier than anticipated. I hope everyone has continued taking steps to improve their lives! Whether you’re following my advice or someone else’s advice just make sure you stick to the plan. I have strayed from the plan. This isn’t going to be a good progress puppy for me. I relapsed.  Let me try to plead my case before you judge, it was a thrift store, sort of. I got nine, semi new tops, for the price of what I would’ve spent on one outfit. I’m not justifying my actions because I know it was wrong but I just couldn’t resist! Ugh, this is what defeat feels like. I contemplated sharing this with you right after it happened but I was in my cupid mode and didn’t want to ruin the love flow. I hope you aren’t feeling betrayed. Please know that I’m still sticking to the plan, I just took a little step backwards. This doesn’t mean you should take a step back either. I’ve cheated myself and no one won. I undid a month’s worth of work in a matter of day.  If I had to give today’s progress puppy a grade it would definitely be in the C area, more towards the plus side because the tops are cute. 🙂

Stay strong soldiers!



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