Ya, what he said

Raise your hand if you haven’t been able to sleep because you were too excited to hear about my BIG news. Just as I suspected, no one.

In the short time since I last posted I received some more BIG news. So where should I start? BIG little news or BIG BIG news?

Okay, BIG little news first. Since I’ve been awful at blogging here’s a brief refresher. In June, I set up my usual monthly goals. Click here for a memory jog. Welllllll it’s now August and I only completed one of those. Ha-Ha! Guess which one though! Go on, guess! Okay fine I’ll tell you. THIS ONE!

I got me a pocket full of A’s. 🙂 ::happy dance::  There is a brain in this head! In all seriousness though, I worked my tailbone off, and sprouted a couple gray hairs, but I did it. I’m so proud of myself, which I honestly say, I have not been for a looooong time.

Now onto the BIG BIG news. I don’t know if I should deliver this all at one time. I hope everyone is able to handle all this BIG news at once. So my long-term followers know that my heart and soul belong somewhere else. For all my new comers you can read about my love affair here, here, here, and here.  My last internal dispute regarding this topic happened here. I was torn but ultimately I went with “no”, again. Wellllllllllllllllllll, due to some pretty awesome, fabulous, loving, best parents in the world, I’m f#($ing going to Hawaii y’all! AHHHHHHHHHHH. I know! Are you crying? Don’t worry, I did too when I found out. I have a seat assignment and everything. So I know it’s really happening and I’m not being punk’d. I can’t believe it. I’m still kind of in shock. There’s a really good chance I’m not coming back but y’all can visit me! I’ve started a countdown to annoy the shit out of everyone.


Excitement level = Chuck E Cheese as a tot level


And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hey you guys!!!


HHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I remember you guys!!  Kitten kisses for all!! Sooooooo obviously I took a little unannounced vacation from the blogging world…. my bad.  Between school, and work, and procrastination, I was having some stress issues. That was the climax of this story. Now we’re at the resolution.  I’m coming up on the last week on school and I’ve finally had time to breathe.  SO SO SO SO much has happened. Well, I don’t know about all that much, but it sure as f#($ feels like it was a lot. For starters, I still procrastinate the shit out of everything. One would assume you would learn after the first time but this is me were talking about.  Old habits die-hard. My debt….yea, about that. Its, um, still there. Hasn’t gotten worse but definitely has not gotten better. 0_o  This paycheck is the return of lean, mean, stricter Diane, jumping back up on this horse.  I’m being very vague with everything here because if I spill my guts now, I won’t have anything to talk about for the next 3 weeks.  Plus, for those of you who don’t stalk me on Facebook, like my real Facebook, not this site’s Facebook,  I have some BIG EFFING NEWS!! Like Earth’s rotation stopping kind of news. At least in my own world. :0) No I am not pregnant….. or engaged…. nor did I win the lotto. Stay tuned. Sweet D has missed all you silly asses!


No need for a standing ovation you guys


Beating a Dead Horse

It’s really unfortunate that I have multiply personalities because they do not make decision-making very easy. A little over two months ago I wrote this. I have now found my way back to this predicament. I was looking through pictures and my heart cried a little. I decided then I wasn’t going to deprive myself of the one, crazy ridiculously expensive, thing I love so much. I have one life to live and I want to make sure I can say I did it, for the most part, without regret. Then I get to the checkout screen for the ticket and all the little minions that were telling me this was a good idea scatter. I’m left with the lone guy in the back corner saying I don’t think this is a good idea. WTF minions! I thought we were in this together! Ugh! Now I’m left in the backyard chasing my own tail round and round and round. Each time I think I’ve reached a decision my brain pulls me in the other direction. I told the bf I think I’m having such a difficult time with this because I seriously know what I should do but I don’t want to accept it. I did a list of pros and cons. That didn’t help because over the years I’ve grown and perfected the technique of justifying. I can justify anything. I sit here and look at my list and can justify each pro to each con and vice versa. It’s madness. I’m going to list all my reasons for going and for not going. PLEASE feel free to shed some sane light on my situation because right now insanity is taking over.


Reason#1 – I am paying for it in cash! This will not hinder my debt nor with it affect the amount I’m paying towards my debt. This is money I have tucked away for a rainy day or if I need to flee the country very fast.

Reason #2 – I’m getting to the age where life is changing, aka growing up. I’m going to have more responsibilities and obligations so I don’t know when or if I would be able to go again. Timing is everything. I could very well be able to go the year after that, I just don’t know, and that’s the scary thing. What if something happens and I can’t. Then I will have missed my opportunity and I will wither away and die. Most likely not but I will have the “if only” factor.

Reason #3 – This is far enough in advance where I could save enough to be able to pay for the whole trip credit free, except when I buy my oceanfront bungalow. Kidding, kind of.


Reason #1 – I would be using all 10 days of my allotted vacation time for 2013. We ALL know how I am with my days. Not.a.good.thing

Reason #2 – I’m in debt. I would probably, and by probably I mean most likely, need to buy “things” because I have an illness. I’m not even going to kind of pretend I wouldn’t because I know me and you know me and it will happen.

Reason #3 – I’m in debt. If I am so willing to tap into my savings to buy this ticket then why wouldn’t I take that money and apply it towards my debt. Rhetorical question, I know why, because that’s not fun! This is the only piece of value I have to my name that is actually MY MONEY. Not credit, or a loan, its actual moo-la.

Now I’m sick of listing reasons and I’m discouraged. I’m huffing and puffing and don’t know what to do. These are the moments in life where I ask myself why couldn’t just be a billionaire.


May the force be with you


When the Heart and Brain Collide

Oh you guys, my heart hurts. I had an opportunity last week to purchase a ticket to my home away from home, Maui. I was so close. Initially, it was happening, no second thought needed. Then I chose to think like a rational human being, something I wasnt familiar with. My entire body was screaming take this chance, well, almost my entire body. My brain wasn’t playing along. My heart wanted it so bad yet my brain prevailed. I walked away from purchasing the ticket, and cried. I saw for a brief moment, all my wishes coming true, but my brain took and squished the shit out of them. I mean, I know my brain was in the right. I’m still in debt. Financially, I am not, and will not, be in any position to go on vacation. It was an amazing deal, tickets were unbelievable low, but yet, it was still money I did not have. I get it, I’m just not fully accepting of it yet. This was the real first time I’ve told myself no, and it sucked. I’ve said no to a couple of things in the past but this was the first time having said no to something I really wanted. My boyfriend can vouch, I do not take kindly to being told no. I’m still clinging to the idea that Ill be able to get there one day and that’s all I can do for now.

Happiness is the longing for repetition.

-Milan Kundera


No Ka Oi


Let’s Be Productive

Here’s a list of everything I wish I was doing, obviously, not all at once because I’m not wonder women.

  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Laying in the sun
  • Eating lunch on a yacht
  • Winning the lotto
  • Hearing a lion’s roar in the wild
  • Surfing, because in this is imaginary land Id be good at it
  • Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef
  • Going to the airport, for some reason airports are exciting to me
  • Sleeping under the stars
  • Sipping on fruity drinks
  • Discovering waterfalls
  • Taking pictures
  • Riding a camel
  • Spying on a whale shark
  • Trekking through the rainforest
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Parasailing
  • Holding a koala
  • Going on a safari
  • Watching a sunset
  • Kayaking on crystal clear waters
  • White water rafting
  • Jet Skiing
  • Watching a grizzly bear catch a fish
  • Meditating with the Buddhist
  • Bicycling the coast, any coast I’m not picky
  • Wash an elephant, oh wait, done and done 😉

Proof I did in fact wash an elephant

Here’s a list of what I’m doing, obviously, all at once because I’m multi talented

  • Blogging
  • Drinking water

Well as long as that wasn’t depressing


Tag! You’re It!

This time last year I was preparing mentally to get white-girl wasted for an early St Patrick’s Day celebration. My, how the times have changed. A good friend and fellow blogger Lauren (you should check her out here) tagged me in a virtual game of tag! So lucky for you and me, more so me, you get to learn some fun tidbits about me. Sadly though, I don’t have any fellow bloggers to tag back. So, TAG, YOU’RE ALL IT. Seriously though, I will ask my questions but instead of responding on your nonexistent blogs, you answer in the comment section! Isnt that fun!? DO IT NOW!

Questions from Lauren

1. What is your current jam? (favorite song)
I love music, so this is hard. The last song I put on obsessive repeat was Drake ft Rihanna – Take Care. Seriously though, I love all music!
2. What do you put on your hot dog?
When I was eating hot dogs, it was ketchup, mustard and onions. Dont care what people say from this town, ketchup belongs on a hotdog!
3. What is a holy grail beauty product you use?
Can I have two? Concealer and mascara, I think those two things alone can transform anyone.
4. Why and when did you start a blog?
I started this blog on January 16th after realizing I needed to make some changes in my life. I am hoping to fix myself and my habits and hopefully help/save/change others as well. That would be the greatest feeling in the world.
5. What is your dream living situation?
A shack in Maui, with the love of my life living a simple care free, DEBT FREE life.
6. What is your go-to dance move?
The duck waddle, I own that shit
7. Do you have any phobias or really dislike something?
Theres a boogie man in the basement and I really, really, really, dislike being in debt
8. Lipstick or gloss? What’s your favorite brand/shade?
Lipstick, since I’m new to the adding color to your lips thing, I’ve been experimenting with different shades and find dark rose to be my favorite so far.
9. What is your guilty pleasure?
Shopping -_-
10. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
The old me was a 100% a night owl, now that I’m trying to grow up, I find I’m becoming an early bird. I still don’t like it but I’m not sleeping till 11:00am on the weekends anymore.
11. What is your favorite foundation?

Cover Girl TruBlend

Questions for YOU all!

1. What would you do if you won/had a million dollars?
2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. Favorite day of the week and why?
4. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
5. Dogs or Cats?
6. If you could solve one world problem, which would it be?
7. Magic Genie: What are your three wishes?
8. Favorite food?
9. Money is no object, name one luxury item you’ve always wanted
10. Favorite season, and why?
11. Finish this sentence, one day I wish__________

All you bad micks have fun this weekend, I’ll be seeing you next weekend!


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